Sunday, May 4, 2014

Hauschka at the Masonic Temple (Hollywood Forever Cemetery)

I recently was asked by the L.A. art's blog Mouser to photograph the amazing German 
experimental pianist Hauschka at an intimate show held in a former Masonic temple in a cemetery in Hollywood. Hauschka is the performing name of Volker Bertelmann, who modifies pianos ala John Cage and uses electronics to build haunting soundscapes that still retain beautiful melodic compositions. He even hacked a player piano that was in storage at the venue to accompany him for this show. Check out the full set at
“I decided before the show that I wanted to try to work in a way that was similar to the way he uses the piano as a canvas to work with. So rather than any sort of realistic depiction of the event I end up working with doing long form exposure optical compositing – only creating images with the camera body and lens via manipulating a long exposure. That is, these images are what the camera actually captured while I was working with no Photoshop effects or layering!”

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